Friday, 2 September 2011

Is Carrie from SATC my alter ego?

Sat tapping away at my laptop, writing on my blog,  thought to myself, wow, it's kind of like I am a Carrie of the normal world.....  I mean look at the evidence...

(1) I use a laptop HEELLLLOOOO! This is undeniably perfect evidence.
(2) I wear clothes, sometimes nice clean ones. Couture in style because of many of the one off designs created by my children, chocolate hand prints, baby puke, my favourite is the baby poop. it's all good as it adds to the character of the outfit.
(3) I eat at fancy restaurants, I frequently visit subway. You get sandwiches with SALAD comes complete in a plastic bag and fancy paper napkin.
(4) I am a lover of fancy shoes, the shoes we all have but unable to wear because they're so uncomfortable, so they sit in the bottom of your wardrobe collecting dust.
(5) I have a love hate relationship with Mr Big, yes that's it, the chocolate bar, I can't stand this particular chocolate bar, unless,........ there's nothing else and I'm completely desperate.
(6) I drink nice fancy alcoholic beverages.... yes, every now and then I like a nice glass of a $5.99 a bottle special. I can really feel my insides burn as I sip it.
(7) I go shopping frequently too, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart are my go to shops, you never know what amazing bargains on soap and toothpaste you'll get.... Name brand soap and toothpaste I might add!

Yeah............actually, my life bares absolutely no resemblance to Carrie.... I can dream can't I??

Anyhow off to make myself a delicious helping of cold chicken nuggets from Gracie's left over lunch for my lunch. Hope you have a good afternoon too!

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