Sunday, 20 November 2011


The snow glistens in the afternoon sun, noses and cheeks are red and cold. Wallets get lighter and lighter, yes, it's that time of the year again. 5 weeks until Christmas.
I have to be honest.... I love the 'idea of Christmas, but I find it stressful. Buying gifts for relatives and your kids etc, spending spending spending. Having a house full of plasticy (yeah I know it's not a real word) toys and other stuff that the kids decide they aren't that fond of after 2 days of playing with them.
Bah humbug. Yeah, I suppose I sound like a Scrooge, ah well, so what, I must be then!
Don't even get me started on egg nog....Who in heavens name invented this? It is an awful drink, awful awful.
But I do love Christmas morning where the kids are so giddy, so excited to open all their presents.  If I've been a good wife, I may also get a nice present too ;)

Welcome to my world......

4 kiddies, 12, 7, 3 and 7 months.... oh and a husband.....