Sunday, 21 April 2013

Toddlers and their wonderful Tantrums

As you know, I'm a mum of 4 so I have experienced a few toddler tantrums in my time. But, over the last few weeks I have been pushed to the brink of insanity by Harlow, my cute and vivacious 2 year old. 
I don't quite remember my other kids being such hard work in their 'toddlerhood' I am sure it was just my own body/minds defence mechanism...

Tantrum number 1: Popcorn must be served upon waking, 
Tantrum number 2: a drink of milk should be presented at every possible moment. 
3. put some shoes upon feet. 
4. after I take shoes off said feet, I DEMAND that they shall be put on my feet again for them to be taken off again, it's a game I enjoy!! 
5. I WANT to peel carrots with a sharp knife.....I DEMAND it.... I will scream for almost an hour if I cannot use a sharp knife to peel those carrots. 
6. my Blankie must be placed upon my torso the correct way, so I don't despise every morsel of your being......
7. A movie shall be placed into the dvd player of my choosing, I cannot vocalise what dvd this will be, I shall keep screaming and crying until the correct one has been chosen.
8. I am very cute, you shall tell me this frequently whilst feeding me candy.
9. I don't like to have my teeth brushed, I shall close my mouth before you try and clean my teeth. Wrap me in a towel you may, trying to get the better of me whilst making sure I have zero cavities but I shall get you back later with a vengeance  by crapping my diaper the moment you place me in bed to sleep.
10. Waking up at sometimes 530am, the television will be put on, popcorn shall be made, milk will be warmed, a yogurt on the side table, in between while I am watching baby tv and looking at my toes I want you to read a book. If you do not live up to this challenge I will still love you, just I will cry whine and a toddler!!

Welcome to my world......

4 kiddies, 12, 7, 3 and 7 months.... oh and a husband.....