Friday, 31 August 2012

50 Shades of Stay at Home Mum

Cleaning the countertops from Breakfast, full of crumbs, looking at the cold, long dirty taps. Oh no, I think they needs polishing I think to myself, so I whip out a rag and some rubbing alcohol and begin to buff them up....Yeah, I buff èm up good, they look so shiny now. I am so happy with my work, I crack open a can of coke and tear off the wrapper to the kit kat, looking at the bar of chocolate with lustful eyes, I love 4 fingers of chocolate, so delicious.
After I have finished my snack I go to slip my husbands dirty undies into the washing basket as he has not quite got the hang of throwing them in the laundry hamper...... That`s ok though, after I do the laundry I`ll sit down and watch some t.v. for a couple of hours whilst eating crisps and left over food from the kids plates.
When my husband arrives home, I hungrily look at his package, in anticipation....Yes, he has brought a take out home....No cooking for me tonight....booo yah.....

Friday, 24 August 2012

Flight to the U.K. with 4 kids 4 suitcases and 4 carry on bags and a stroller

Recipe for disaster wouldn't you say?

I would have to agree, the whole flight with a 13 year old, 8 and 4 and 19 month old was agonising.
8 and a half hours of toddler/pre schooler/brothers fighting--- mayhem....

Harlow kicking the seat in front, reaching through the seat to pinch the persons arm sitting there. The man sitting in the seat in front getting so angry, gets up and gives us 'the look'.... Sean saying continuously, LOUDLY, upon take off and landing, we're gonna crash, we're gonna crash tee hee.... Then Gracie copying to my shear annoyance....arrrggghhh

Coming through customs at Manchester Airport, waiting in line for 45 minutes with a tirrreedd toddler, and fighting brothers and a whiny pre schooler, to be told we're in the wrong queue we'll have to join the other queue..... Faking some pathetic crocodile tears to be put to the front of the other queue.....PRICELESS.

Then coming through to the luggage carousel in Manchester where you have to PAY 1 pound ($1.60 ish) to use their carts for your suitcases.... Pushing a stroller, carrying a backpack, pulling a suitcase while recruiting the kids to help with the rest of the luggage of torture.....NIGHTMARE.....

Next time I have a bright idea to travel ALONE to the U.K. with 4 kids I will eat a chocolate bar and drink a glass of wine instead.

Add 2 hours each end onto your international flight and there you have 12 hours or torture. Although an experience, I can honesty say, never again.

Just thought I would like to get that off my chest.... :)

Above picture taken at Chassen Train Park, Flixton, Mancester in the U.K. on a rainy day!!!

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