Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dreams mixed with reality.

For many years I have worked in jobs that I have loathed. Jobs that have been soul destroying. About 2 years ago my wonderful husband purchased me my 1st DSLR. It was a Canon Rebel T3, it was love at 1st sight.
Chocolate brown in colour with the 18-55 kit lens, I was on top of the world. Taking a million pictures a day.
I then started to go to school to help with my growth as a person who takes pictures... I learned lots of cool stuff, including how to use aperture and shutter speed and ISO. I am on my 3rd class now, the Studio Lighting Class and I am totally pumped to learn new stuff.
I took many pictures of friends and their kids and babies, each better than the last. Hoping that I continue to grow and become an excellent photographer in time.
I am busy as a bee these days taking pictures for people and I hope it never stops.
A picture below of my little girl Gracie :)

Welcome to my world......

4 kiddies, 12, 7, 3 and 7 months.... oh and a husband.....