Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back to School tomorrow....yippee

This will be tomorrow, but without the smiles for my 2 boys!!

So the boys go back to school tomorrow, I am so excited. I will be back in my normal routine. My boys however, are not too excited about going back. My 12 year old had been sleeping in till 1030 - 11 ish everyday and when he did eventually scrape himself out of bed he would torment his little brother.
Is this what parents perpetually wish for, their kids in school? .......................... I will answer for myself...............YES..
There was a time, many moons back, that there was only myself to take care of, and that seemed hard enough at the time. Then came Nicholas a cute chubby little baby who had colic for the 1st 5 months of his life.....If it wasn't colic, he was just probably a grumpy baby, but I prefer the explanation colic.  5 years later came a little Sean who was an easy going baby, enjoyed his bathtimes and his food and most other stuff. After that, oh crumbs, I've lost count, how many kiddies do I have again...???
Anyhow, the house will be back to normal soon and I can have some of my tiny bit of sanity back.

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