Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Runaway trampoline

In the bright light of the daytime, whilst the wind blows, and Harlow and Gracie nap peacefully. The highlight of my day was the trampoline making it's merry way into my neighbours garden. The trampoline is happy where it is at the moment, but for how long?? It rocks and sways as the wind howls. Almost looks like it is trying to decide whether to stay or go.  I have called Richard numerous times at work telling him of the major situation. What if someone sues us for being negligent trampoline owners? What if? What if?

Ah well, kids are napping, and I have lots of coffee, so I'll be sitting twitching my curtains looking out the window at the runaway trampoline.

And, if that's the only thing I have to worry about......good times, good times......

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  1. OMGoodnness! I've never seen a tramp blow away before!


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