Sunday, 11 September 2011

Eating dinner in peace.

Last night, was the 1st time in a long time, that me and my husband have eaten dinner by ourselves.
It was our anniversary, thus, a present to ourselves.
Sat, just the two of us, the background noise of knifes and forks, people chatting, waitresses tottering to and fro with their curiously short skirts...We were making a decision on what to have for the starter, was so relaxing, it was fabulous!

I had a glass of wine, while we occasionally talked about funny things that had happened that week. It's a crazy busy household we have, we sometimes forget to realize how great we have it!
When dinner arrived, we ate it without any interruption, such a relaxing evening.....Well.... I mean a lovely 2 hours.
After the meal we went to collect our wonderful amazing, crazy, noisy kiddies from my friend, who was gracious enough to watch them for us.

Such a great 2 hour break from our crazy household!!

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